June 7, 2021

Client Case - AmorSui Healthcare Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

As a healthcare tech company on a mission to modernize PPE management, AmorSui hired OpenHuddle to build and advertise its brand to medical and dental professionals. Since it has always been our mission to provide strategic media campaigns in the healthcare industry, this was the perfect project for us.

Opportunity / Challenge

OpenHuddle started by crafting a brand identity and the accompanying messaging to communicate with customers. The team then used the brand identity to build an e-commerce website for AmorSui to sell their PPE products directly to the users.Based on a low level of awareness, a media campaign was designed in conjunction with the website which included email marketing, search, shopping and retargeting ads.

Result / Feedback

This resulted in a reimagined touchless PPE purchasing experience where AmorSui’s complete digital process aligns with modern healthcare.

  • “Innovative Professional Safeware” Brand Identity

  • www.amorsui.com E-Commerce Website Redesign

  • 18K Healthcare Professionals Reached Monthly

  • ↑ 129% Year-Over-Year Website Sessions

“They’re very good at coming up with strategies and offering solutions.”“Overall, we’re very satisfied with their work. Although we’ve gone through some unexpected challenges, they’ve always put all of their energy into the tasks.”— Beau Wangtrakuldee, Founder & CEO of AmorSui

We couldn't have asked for a better company with an even better mission to work alongside. Seeing AmorSui grow from a small idea into a real brand helping others is so rewarding for both teams. If you need healthcare PPE please check out AmorSui’s awesome line of products. For a detailed read about this project, check out our Clutch profile.


  • OpenHuddle Clutch Review From AmorSui, Website Dev & Google Ads for D2C E-Commerce Company, May 1, 2022 (Review)

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